Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wouldn't you like to know?

My friend and faithful commenter, Karen, has asked me to answer the following questions...

1. Four places I go over and over-

Kohl's, I'm an addict and it's a fun place to hang out while Nick and Nolan are at TKD.
Safeway, work and shop, work and shop, work and shop.
quiznos, I like their flat bread sammies. YUM.
Fred Meyer, What's on your list today?

2. Four people that email me-


3. Four of my favorite foods-

Haagen Daaz- Swiss Vanilla Almond ice cream!!
Onion Rings
Chocolate Chip cookies right out of the oven

4. Four places I'd rather be right now.

Disneyland-especially just sitting down for a wild ride on Big Thunder Mtn Railroad!
White and sandy tropical beach watching my kids play.
Snoozin' (I can't sleep!)
Sitting in my mom and dad's living room, just chatting away! Miss them.

5. Four movies I could watch over and over-

Raising Arizona
Christmas Story
Forrest Gump
When Harry Met Sally

6. Four people that will respond-

This will never happen, because my friends and family never comment...
except for my dear sweet friend, Karen and my loving hubby!
I'm told I have readers, but I'm growing skeptical.

1 comment:

PRP said...

You can always count on me!

And just so you're aware....our one year date for living in this house is next week, and SOMEONE still hasn't visited me.....:)