Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mo happiness....

1. It's so nice not eating lunch all by my lonesome this week.
Gotta love Spring break.
Today, the boys and I drove to Tacoma to take Connor out to lunch.
We had fun at the "Rock" chowin' on pizza.
Thanks Connor, we loved seeing you today!
2. We mourned the loss of our ancient washer and dryer for about 13 minutes a couple weeks ago.
Then we mourned the fact that we practically had to take out a loan out to purchase new ones...
But the mourning stopped as soon as I turned those babies on.
I'm in love with my new dirt extracting, high speed-spinning, super duper drying beauties.

I had no idea a HUGE load of laundry could possibly dry in under 35 minutes!
My old dryer took at least 70 minutes to dry one load of laundry.
I hate to think about how much time I've wasted waiting for our tidy whities to dry over the last 17 years.

Isn't it funny how the littlest things in life can bring such joy?


PRP said...

So weird that we were just shopping for a new washer and dryer on Tuesday....they are so expensive but I am so envious! Which ones did you go with??

Kelly said...

How weird indeed. We ended up getting the Maytag Epic brand. I did a little homework before hand and they were pretty highly rated by consumers. So far, I'm happy. However, I have heard from many a person that pretty much all the front load washers tend to get a nasty mildew smell over time because the rubber seal near the door gets wet and has a hard time drying out. I've been keeping my door open after using it in hopes that that will alleviate the problem. Happy shopping!