Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Time well spent

What a weekend...

Sunshine so warm if felt like a Summer day.

Two great girlfriends to help me spend my weekend away.

Countless Woodinville wineries offering up small sips of their best wines, delicious appetizers, and live music.

Getting to break out my favorite capris for the first time this Spring!

A picnic with friends on a grassy lawn dappled with sunlight after a day of wine tasting.

LOTS of laughter. My friends are funny... I'm sure it's not just the wine.

Driving home into my driveway only to be greated by a little blonde headed boy with a big grin on his face jumping up and down with joy that his mom is home. (BEST PART OF WEEKEND BY FAR)

A wonderful hubby who enjoyed his weekend with his boys BBQ'ing and hiking.

These are only a few examples of how wonderful my weekend turned out to be. It was a nice escape, relaxing, and fun. Now if only I had remembered to bring my camera! Total rookie move... I need more practice with weekends away. :)

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