Friday, April 11, 2008

And the Fun Continues.....

Today, I hung out with my boys, my nieces, and nephews who spent the night last night. It was a full house. It takes me a little while to adjust to having six kidlets in the house, but they are all fun and entertaining in their own way. And THEY were having fun, and that's what sleep overs are all about!

Next, I plan on taking my boys out for an ice-cream cone to celebrate another day of Spring Break. YUM.

Tommorow it's my turn for a little fun. My friends, Marianne and Shannon, and I will be embarking on a whirlwind girls weekend. I'm so stoked about getting away with these two even if it's only for 2 days. We will be spending the night up in Woodinville and visiting a few wineries at an event called the "Passport to Woodinville". We will be sipping different varieties of wines and thoroughly enjoying some delicious food in the sunshine that is about to grace our skies.
And when we aren't at the wineries, we will be within walking distance to some fabulous shopping. Happiness abounds!

Life is good.

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PRP said...

I'm envious of your upcoming weekend...have a fantastic time!