Thursday, April 3, 2008

Still getting the paint out from under my fingernails!

Last weekend was pretty much consumed by me measuring, leveling, marking lines, taping, then painting Nicholas' bedroom...
But I think the outcome was worth it. I know for certain Nicholas LOVES my time was well spent.
We painted his room the main brown color a little over a year ago because he wanted a brown room...go figure?
Well, it looked pretty good, but it was lacking the fun factor that a young boy's room requires.

So, We decided to paint a big band of tan with a border of two smaller blue stripes.
I really like it, because Nick is able to hang up all his posters, pictures, and general stuff within the lighter tan portion and it looks great.
Painting the lighter color also lightened up his room which before reminded me very much of a cave. Way too dark and depressing for me.
My next project is to paint black to match his bed. I think I'll paint the drawer fronts the same blue color as the stripes on the wall and replace the knobs.

I think this room will be a great place for this creative kid to grow up into his teenage years, which dare I say are just around the corner? YIKES!
Just the other day, he mentioned to me that he is no longer a little kid...he is a tweener!
How did that happen?

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PRP said...

I LOVE it! It looks so good! You did awesome job and I pick Nick just loves it. Great job Mom!