Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The mommy missile is no more...

Lookie at my new little red set of wheels!

In an attempt to bring our monthly costs down, Connor and I purchased this little number last weekend. We are saving mucho bucks and "saving planet Earth" as Nick would like to put it.
(We even brought it home from the dealership on Earth Day...isn't that too funny.)

It is a Toyota Prius and it get 45 miles to the gallon- gotta love that!

Now, I know it looks tiny, but it is actually very roomy inside. Connor bought an SUV a few months back so we decided there was no reason for both of us to have huge vehicles. The only thing I'm worried about is the fact that I can no longer haul half the neighborhood around. (That might actually be a good thing)

It is a blast to drive and is very high tech. It doesn't even have a key. Weird? Yes!

The dashboard looks like it came out of an episode of Star Trek, therefore we refer to my new car as the "Jetson's" car.

So, you won't be able to miss our family coming down the street anymore when Connor is behind the wheel of his big "voodoo blue" Tonka truck and me in my red Jetson's car!

(The mommy missile has found a new loving home. Connor's sister, Sarah, is now the proud owner and will put it to great use up in Bellingham with her lovely, soon to be expanded family.)


PRP said...

Why don't you let her stretch her wheels a bit and zoom on over to my side of the mountains? It'll hardly cost a thing now!

I'm way envious. We're waiting for the hybrid Sienna because we still need the room with all these stinkin' kids!

So happy for you!

PRP said...

Ok, now that I think about it....

Did you guys win the lottery and forget to tell us? New FJ Cruiser for Connor, washer and drier for you both, and a Prius for Kelly?

You've got some 'splainin' to do...

Or, can Brad come and work with COnnor????

Kelly said...

Nope...We've just lost our minds, that's all.

(Actually, my new car is going to save us about 250 dollars a month in car payments and gas...)

But Connor says he'd still like it if Brad worked with him! :)