Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wonderfully Wicked

Today was a glorious day...
I had the opportunity to share this lovely brisk Autumn day with some fabulous gals. We travelled to the Emerald City to watch an amazing show about the Emerald City!
I saw "Wicked" with my dear friend Karen, her adorable daughter Hannah, and her lovely mother Ann.
Knowing I was going to get to spend the day with this lady made me beside-myself-happy.

Isn't Hannah just the cutest? And look at the green scarf adorning her neck. Karen fashioned that little number just yesterday to give Hannah some green bling to wear to "Wicked". She seriously reigns supreme in the mother world!

This shot would have been beyond cute, if my camera had been cooperating. I think it is protesting Fall, and refusing to take any indoor pictures.

We couldn't wait to get inside to find our seats and start the show!
It really was one of the most amazing productions I've seen on stage.
It was so easy to get wrapped up in the story line and be transformed to another place. It was a clever story with amazing performers who could sing the chandeliers right off the ceiling. Unbelievable!

We followed up our fun afternoon at the theater with a delicious meal where we could sit together, share our thoughts, and laugh the evening away.
It was a perfect day.
Thanks ladies!

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PRP said...

It was such a amazing day! Thanks for coming along and joining us in the Emerald City. Hannah and have been singing the songs all morning!