Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy 90th Granny!

This lovely lady is turning 90 years young.
She is Connor's Grandmother and is about as sweet as can be.
She has six children...
She has twelve Grandchildren...
She has 13 Great Grandchildren... Whom all think she's GREAT!
We are celebrating her birthday tomorrow with tons of family who have come from near and far to help Marie ring in her 90th year.
We were told not to bring gifts, but come only turn 90 once if you are lucky!
So what do you get your delightful grandmother for such an occasion, you ask?


A beautiful jar filled to the brim with candied orange slices (her absolute favorie candy) and a few rootbeer barrels (her absolute LEAST favorite candy...she can offer these to friends who stop by, so she wont have to share her slices).

Connor has been teasing his Grandma about her rootbeer aversion ever since he could talk, so it just seemed fitting to throw some of those in the mix. :)

We love you Grandma Marie and can't wait to spend the day with you tomorrow!


PRP said...

90...can you even imagine what that will be like? I sure hope I make it...

Such an adorable and thoughtful gift. I'm sure she'll love it.

And the package that came? YOU KILL ME. Once again, your thoughtfulness astounds me. You are the bomb diggity.

secondsister said...

Mom said she had a wonderful birthday with most of her family around her. We are blessed to have this dear, sweet lady in such good health @ 90. (wish some of that sweetness & health had been passed down). We will pray for many more birthdays with her. We are taking Mom on the plane with us to Arizona Nov. 19th for the anniversary & Thanksgiving. Busy year. We'll see you in Arizona. Love, Lee