Sunday, October 11, 2009

The best way to spend 24 hours...

We were the lucky guests of the J household in P-town this weekend and just like our past visits we were treated like royalty....
First up....
Play, cuddle, play, smooch on, and love this little guy! He loved Connor right back! Austin is a mans man, and wanted absolutely nothing to do with me...aka weird lady who was constantly making googley eyes and silly noises.

We spent the day visiting with Brad and Karen, talking about things of importance... such as how much we dislike Huey Lewis...How cilantro makes everything better...How grotesque her oven mitts are... you know, important stuff like that!

Our hosts fed us an amazing lunch and then it was off to Viera's bakery for some much anticipated doughnuts. Let me just say YUM.

We were feeling a tad guilty for the calories we'd chomped down so why not head outside...
We bundled up and walked around their neighborhood all the while scouting out the newly built homes, watching the boys toss the football back and forth, and just simply enjoying the afternoon.

Back inside the boys goofed around and gave the "Wit" an exciting ride on a sleeping bag.
Karen was back in the kitchen whipping up a meal worthy of praise and requested recipes. Seriously... she is a master in the kitchen. We feasted on marinated chicken burritos smothered in cilantro tomatillo sauce, rice, cheese, and the world's best salsa. (I have to admit I have already made a batch of her salsa and we had it for dinner tonight!!)
We chased down that fab meal with a chocolate cake infused with caramel and topped with cream cheese frosting and toffee bits. That is not a typo was really that amazing.
Into the evening, we broke out "Settler's of Catan". A game that was introduced to us in Cabo and that Karen just loves with all of her heart. Um...ok...that's a lie. I keep telling her that it is a game based fully on luck, which I truly believe... Your luck was just not in the sheep farmin' cards this time around my friend.
We pretty much laughed the entire evening.
Then it was off to bed...
Their guest room is like a hotel.
Unlike ours.. that is more like a poor college student's excuse for a bedroom. You know... a bed whose box spring is 6 inches too small for the mattress making sleeping on the edge a tad bit challenging. Um..sorry about that Karen, I promise to fix that before your next visit.

Then it was up and at'em to spend a few more hours visiting, playing, and consuming even more delicious calories before our trek back over the mountains.
Here's Connor taunting Sienna and Hannah. They kept trying to steal bacon between his attempts at pinching their fingers with the tongs. They LOVED it!
Thanks again for always making us feel so welcome. I envy your ability to make everyone who enters your home feel like part of the family. The food was to die for, the accomadations were lovely, and the company couldn't be beat. We hold our friendship with you close to our hearts. You are dear friends and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with you this weekend!

Thanks again!!!

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Anonymous said...

Kelly -
Connor pointed me to your blog about a year or so ago. You really have a gift at this blog thing. I love reading your posts and keeping up on your family and seeing the crazy pictures of your boys growing up too fast.

We were in Pullman this weekend too, for Brad's 10-year reunion from Vet School. We had a great time, too bad we didn't run into each other!

Take care, and keep writing!

Tara Walls