Friday, October 23, 2009

Brandi Spectacular...

For the past 12 plus years, Connor's sister, Shannon, has been a huge help to us with our boys anytime we needed her. She's always willing to lend a helping hand around every corner and for her we are so thankful!

We decided to treat her and her husband to an evening of fun. So when we heard Brandi Carlile was coming to town we thought it would be fun to bring Shannon and Claude along with us to witness one of our all time favorite performers in action.

We saw her in concert 2 years ago and were pretty much hooked. She has an amazing and powerful voice. We splurged on some tickets just 6 rows back from the stage and smack dab in the center. It was AMAZING!! We had a perfect view of her unbelievable show.

What made it so much fun was not only the fantastic music, but the fact that she was playing in her home town on the final night of her tour. She was just as ecstatic to be there playing for us as we were to see her. Our seats were so good that we soon realized we were surrounded by many of her family members and close friends. It was fun to hear them chat amongst themselves about Brandi. Very fun!

Most people I've met have no clue who Brandi Carlile is... it's still early in her career. But let me just say this... She. Will. Be. Big. Her music has been featured on Grey's Anatomy, a few commercials, and she sold out her concert tour around the country. She really has an amazing gift and I have now doubt she'll be widely known before too long.

Connor and I thoroughly enjoyed her concert and I think Shannon and Claude were blown away by her as well. Her live performance far and away surpasses her recorded music, which I happen to love!

Thank you Connor for treating us all to a memorable night. I will never forget it!

Check out her newest video release....right here!


secondsister said...

I'm so glad you all had a good time. Her music sounds wonderful from the cuts on your blog. I always love your music & sometimes just play your site to listen. Thanks Kelly to showing me music I probably never would have found. Lee

PRP said...

I was thinking about you guys Saturday night sitting six rows back...I bet it was AMAZING! I love seeing just about anything live and with her voice, I can only imagine the sound. So glad you had such a fantastic night and you got to share it with great people!