Monday, October 29, 2007

Burstin' with Pride

It's taken 3 & 1/2 years of dedication, hard work, two taekwondo outfits, several different colored belts, and countless Hi-Yahs to get my boys their BLACK BELTS!! We are so proud of them!

They started back in 2004 when Nick was in first grade and Nolan had just turned five years old. They were hilarious to watch because they couldn't even do a jumping jack or push-ups. But while we sat and watched them test for their black belts on Saturday, it was evident they have transformed into very coordinated, strong, and confident boys. It was fun to watch them demonstrate all that they have learned. It truly is amazing how much they had to do to get their belts. It took about two hours for them to complete the entire test which included forms (a long series of blocks, punches, kicks, etc), sparring, self-defense moves, board breaking, and reading a thesis out loud to the audience about how Tae Kwon Do has affected their lives.

This is Nolan breaking one of five boards. He got to choose five different breaking techniques some hand and some foot. It was awesome!

Look at those feet high in the air! In the beginning they could barely kick higher than their kneecaps! We'd tease them endlessly about them being able to take out a rabid raccoon or a short goat, but these days I don't think any one would want to mess with these bad boys! I know for sure if I tried to kick that high, I would have to spend the rest of the day in the urgent care center.

They were so proud of themselves, you should've seen the looks on their faces when their Master tied the new black belts around their waists.

Just watch this video of Nicholas in action as he slices through all five boards! So cool!!! I think we have enough wood to construct a small house, maybe Hazel would like a new dog house???

I think this has been a great experience for them. It's taught them to stick with something and to know that with hard work you can reach a lofty goal! While at the same time has taught them respect, discipline, and confidence. Way to go boys, your dad and I are SO PROUD of you both!! Congratulations!!


Puerto Rican Princess said...

They are awesome! Be sure to tell them how proud we are too!

Maybe they can show my girls a few moves once they hit dating age....


The Dambartons said...

Hi! we just watched you with the boys and their black belt exam--WOW! tHAT IS SUPER SPECIAL! Be kind to the "old folk" when we get our hugs when you get here!! and Grandma even wants one kiss per kid!! Just on the cheek! I probably won't have to bend over to get them from you tall boys!! Black is one of my favorite colors!