Sunday, October 21, 2007

I love a good practical joke...

One of our friends gave us a great idea to play a joke on our poor neighbor who just had their roof ripped to shreds. Our neighborhood is known for its strict covenants, if you break any you are quick to get a friendly reminder postcard in your mail box. Our neighbor across the street was the president of the board last year so we thought it would be funny to send her a bogus postcard stating the following:

Lake Winterwood October 19, 2007
Violation Notice

Please be advised that your new roofing material has not been approved by the Board. “Blue Tarp” is not on the approved color palette for homes in our development.

Additionally, your removal of trees from the community greenbelt has not been approved. The cottonwoods are meant for the enjoyment of everyone.

We will expect you to attend the next Board meeting to explain these actions.

Sincerely,A Concerned Neighbor
Hee hee hee....We are hoping they have a good sense of humor!!

1 comment:

Puerto Rican Princess said...

That is hilarious! It sounds so official...I hope they don't take it seriously!

You'll have to report back on their actions!