Friday, October 19, 2007

Look what the wind blew in...

Alas... one more reason I don't like Fall..... Wind Storms!

Luckily, we don't have to worry about any large trees toppling down on our home. The only thing we have to watch for is the occasional lawn chair flying by or Hazel's food dish blowing away.

I wish the same were true for our neighbors across the street....

Isn't that awful!!?? Luckily, no one was hurt. They lost a total of seven trees in their back yard. A group of cotton wood trees came crashing down on the major trusses above their bedroom. She invited me in to see the damage and I was shocked to see an 8x8 foot hole in their master bedroom ceiling. They now have a lovely view of the sky.

She was the only one home at the time. Thankfully, she was downstairs getting her camera when the roof collapsed. She said she's never ran so fast in all her life to get out of the house because it sounded like the top floor was crashing down. SCARY!!

This is what it looked like from the backyard (that is Connor on the roof helping to cover the gaping hole with a tarp!). It's hard to believe no windows were broken!
Today a crane will be coming to lift the tree off of the house so they can start the process of rebuilding. They have a guest room in their basement, so that is where they will be sleeping for the next couple of months!

Don't you just hate it when bad things happen to good people? These neighbors are the BEST and I feel so bad that this happened to them. They've been working so hard the past 2 years renovating their home. At least now they will be getting the new roof they'd been talking about.


Puerto Rican Princess said...

Is this your pilot neighbor? The ones with the big dog?

Either way, that is HORRIBLE. How awful for them. So glad no one was hurt.

Side note-isn't it funny when that when something crazy happens, you run and grab your camera knowing it will make a great blog post? I do it all the time...:)

Kelly said...'s the pilot and his Sandra Bullock look-a-like wife's house. Such a bummer!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, I had forgotten about your website. Christina reminded me. It is great to be able to catch up on your wonderful family. You definitely have a right to be proud of your terrific boys! Wish we got to see more of all of you. Terry might retire someday & let me retire too! Love all the pictures. Connor looks very cute with the cat. Have someone take a couple with you in them. Love all of you. Lee