Thursday, October 18, 2007

My boy is turning into a Mennen

Nick informed me last week that all of his buddies at school use deodorant. He asked me if I thought he needed any. In my head I was thinking..."I don't think so, you are only ten years old, you wash regularly, and you don't stink." But, of course, I said "You smell great to me, but if it would make you feel better I think you should get some."
So off to the store I went. I was not aware that almost all mens deodorant is designed to smell like you are either a lumberjack/hunter guy or giant line backer/wrestle mania man. Seriously strong scents going on in that aisle. Where is the scent that says I'm just a young kid who wants to grow up too soon but smell fresh scent? After much searching and sniffing I settled on the "ocean breeze" deodorant. How wrong can you go smelling like a fresh day at the beach.
Nicholas was beyond pleased with my purchase and the next morning, after his shower, he ran into my room and said..."Well I think I did it right!" He had come in to get my approval of his deodorant applying technique. I thought that was pretty funny! Luckily, it all was applied as intended and Nick happily went about his day smelling as fresh as a daisy at the beach.


Puerto Rican Princess said...

Why are they growing up so stinkin' (no pun intended) fast? It kills me.

SHouldn't you be visiting an orphanage in Guatamela about now...

Kidding, Connor. Seriously.

Connor said...

Oh... That cracked me up! I hadn't heard the "I think I did it right" comment, although he did tell me "It sure feels funny at first."

I think it's awesome that you're not only sharing these events and observations, but capturing them for posterity as well. Thanks Kel.

Kelly said...

Karen... You are so "punny"!!!