Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weed-B-Gone Needed

The other day, one of my favorite neighbors pointed something out to me that I really should've noticed on my own. Any observant mother would have had her watchful eye ready for what had happened. How did I miss it? I had been watching and waiting for this event for the past couple of years, wondering if it would happen. What is IT you ask?...

My sweet little 8 year old Nolan has grown taller than his big brother, Nick. He must have grown a couple inches just this past summer. Where have I been? How does his own mother not notice such things?

Now I've heard many a parent say "Oh, my kids are growin' like weeds." And I've witnessed many a kid grow by leaps and bounds. (My niece, Jesse, is the fasted growin' weed around!) I just think it's quite interesting that Connor and I have produced two very different plant varieties! We have Nolan the dandelion and Nicholas the bonsai tree.

How does big brother feel about the latest news to hit the family you ask? He's a stud! It doesn't seem to bother him in the least. He says he likes being the shrimp. He is looking forward to the days (maybe in highschool or college) that his growing years will kick it in high gear. I'm glad he's so open minded about the whole thing. It does help him to know that his father was vertically challenged until college. He grew to be 6 feet this is all the proof Nick needs feel comfortable in his size 8-10 pants. :)

As for me, I'm a little bit sad that my baby is so bloomin' tall and is too heavy for me to pick up without throwing my back out. How did he go from blowing raspberries in the highchair to being able to reach the plates in the upper cabinets so darned quickly? I guess I'd better just enjoy each day, because pretty soon I have a feeling he'll be looking down at me and asking for my car keys. YIKES!

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Puerto Rican Princess said...

That is crazy! They are so handsome. I'm thrilled Nolan is gong to be a giant because maybe then Hannah will have someone taller than her to marry!

Love the music too, btw!