Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Highlights

We had a great Halloween,
Started out with a little pumpkin
Who knew cats like the taste of pumpkin guts?

Nolan was concentrating very hard on his pumpkin carving skills...
You can always tell he's trying hard whenever his tongue makes an appearance!

Nick actually carved his jack o' lantern all my himself...
from start to finish!! I didn't have to remove even one seed, yay!

Scary face guy, and a ghost!!

Here we have Legolas from Lord Of The Rings
Nick the outlaw.

They had fun trick or treating around the neighborhood and now they have a giant stash of possible sugar highs ahead of them! ... Nolan even got a whoopie cushion from the Dentist neighbor. I guess that's better than a cavity in his eyes :)

1 comment:

Connor said...

"A cavity in his eyes?!!?" That sounds painful! :)