Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year Fun

Happy New year!
We've been having some fun 'round here...
For starters, Connor has been on vacation since Christmas day so there has been no shortage of fun going on.
The boys have LOVED having dad around for entertainment. The raucous wrestling matches taking place in my living room have been a thrill... for them. I seriously have to leave the room otherwise I worry and fret about all the ways they could possibly hurt themselves. Having mom on the sidelines really puts a damper on their fun not to mention an ulcer in my belly.
Our weather has been less than lovely, so our fun was confined to indoor activities and even the most courteous and pleasant family would get cabin fever and feel like clobbering each other after being stuck together inside day after day...
We decided to take a mini va-cay.
We piled in the car and headed to a local hotel to spend one evening.
When the boys saw this awesome indoor pool they were in heaven.
And when Connor ordered me a poolside Mai Tai, I was in heaven.
And when we all went back to our room to order room service for dinner, well, we were all loving our mini va-cay!
My parents send us some money each year for Christmas and we always try to think of a fun way to put it to good use. I must say this year's idea was a winner. Room service + countless rounds of Marco Polo = fun family times. Thanks mom and dad!
There are only a few more days left before we're thrown back into the daily grind of homework, commuting, and bringing home the bacon. So I guess I'd better go find out who's up for a quick game of battleship or a round of guitar hero...
Have a Happy New Year!!

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PRP said...

You guys are the best parents on the planet. What a great idea! We might have to try something similar!

Happy new year!