Friday, December 26, 2008

Big Family Christmas

The snow just kept on falling for most of the day... But Connor's family wasn't afraid of this Solstice Smackdown, and ventured out onto the roads to come spend Christmas at our place.
Our home was jam packed full of family...EVERYWHERE. I believe we were hovering around a head count of 40. We were shoulder to shoulder laughing, cooking, eating, and just having a Merry ol' Christmas.

Cousin Paul, Connor, and Uncle Terry

Why is Claude at the kids table?
(Nolan, Jay, Savannah, Colten, and Ben... This is only half of the youngins)

Connor's Cousin Kerrie and her hubby Kyle flew in from
Palm Springs. Here they are with Kyle's parents Sally and Steve.

Aunt Kim rocking our latest nephew, Caleb. (aka Mr. Popularity)
Kim and her family made a last minute decision to join us and we were so glad they did!

Connor's cousin Hannah and Uncle Ed. AKA Knuckle-Ed. :)
showing off their gift exchange goodies.

Cousin Christina and her cute family...
Paul, Madison, and Colten.

My favorite Nicholas on the whole planet.

Great Grandma Marie with Caleb. Isn't this a sweet picture. Thanks Shannon!

Cousin Erik with his awesomely helpful wife, Melissa.
She was a big help in the kitchen!

This is their super sweet baby, Reese.

Connor's cousins Hannah and Kerrie.
Stylin' Sisters, so cute.

Connor's sister, Sarah, and
her husband Josh.
They sloshed through their 20 inches of snow to get to our place!

Connor's mom, Pat, witnessing the
MnM stealing skills of our niece Savannah.

Granny Marie with our niece Jessica
and cousin Madison. AKA the Tweeners.

This baby's feet never touched the ground.
Here he is with Connor's sister Shannon...She does
love her some Caleb.

Cousin Erik, Uncle Tim, and Granny
It was a whirlwind of a day, it was over before we knew it.
I didn't know how many would show up on our doorstep because of the weather conditions...
I should've known better... This family loves eachother and will do whatever it takes to be together to share in the joy of Christmas.
I'm glad to be a part of such a wonderful family, they truly are a delight.


Anonymous said...

OMG~ Your Christmas must have been Crazy but totally fun! It looks like everyone had a great time and that's what it's all about! I am glad everyone was able to attend your Christmas celebration even with such horrible driving conditions. This is truly a Christmas to remember!

secondsister said...

Kelly, You & Connor know how to host Christmas! It was wonderful! It is so much fun to see all the generations enjoying themselves together. Loved Nick & Madison's duet. I only got a little of the video on my camera. Thanks again for a wonderful Christmas. It was one to remember! Love, Aunt Lee