Friday, January 16, 2009

Never a Dull Moment

Morning coffee. check.
Kids off to school. check.
Prepare for 4th grade art lesson. check.
Lunch. check.
One load of laundry started. check.
Teaching art project to best 4th grade class ever. check.
Have Principal interrupt to tell me Nick had a 'collision incident' in PE and is in office. check.
See son in office with a laceration in forehead from fellow classmate's tooth. check.
Take Nick to urgent care to get stitches. check.
Comfort Nick who is beyond scared about having stitches. check.
Give Nolan the evil eye for complaining about being "bored" while waiting for poor Nick. check.
Go to pharmacy to pick up medications for sutured son. check.
Home at last. check.
Kind classmate with sore tooth calls to check on Nick. check.
Feel relieved that Nick is feeling better and doesn't have a cuncussion. check.
Kind classmate with sore tooth brings warm cupcakes to cheer up Nick. check.
Hope someday Nick will date unbelievably sweet, adorable, sharp toothed classmate. check.
Happy to see a smile on Nick's face. check.
Laugh at Connor when he says to Nick, "Tell her to aim lower next time." check.
Just another day in the life of a mom with boys. check.

1 comment:

Connor said...

You forgot to mention I was touching my mouth when I said he should tell her to aim lower next time.

Nick's "Awww, dad!" and glowing red face were just the reaction I was hoping for...