Sunday, January 4, 2009

How mama got her coffee slush fund

Connor really didn't want me to disclose this info on my blog... But I thought it was funny and oddly sweet, so I'm putting it on my blog so I can look back and laugh one day.

A couple of weeks ago as the four of us sat around the dinner table, I heard Nolan whisper under his breath to Connor "Oh...that'll cost you a dollar".
Connor quietly shushed Nolan, and pretended like nothing had happened.
Finding this rather peculiar, I asked "What was that about?"
Nick pipes up "Way to go Nolan, you've spoiled our little secret."

That is when the three of them unveiled their latest scheme at becoming less gross and disgusting in the presence of mom. They had made a pact that when any of them had audibly belched or did other disgusting boy stuff over a two week period they would have to put some money in a collection jar. Connor's fine was a dollar. Nick and Nolan's was a quarter for each infraction. They mentioned that they felt a little sorry for me being the only lady in the house and wanted to make an effort at being more refined and less grotesque. I found this to be hilarious and was quite pleased to see that my men were making an effort at being more like gentlemen and less like trolls.

Two weeks have passed and I'm the lucky recipient of the collection jar...I'm $7.83 richer. Not sure how we ended up with such an odd total and random pennies, but I'm not going to complain!

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PRP said...

That cracks me up! I love that they're trying harder for your sake and love even more that they made a game out of it, a sneaky one at that!

Enjoy your latte tomorrow!