Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday Nolan

How can it be that my baby has entered the double digits???

(Nolan at age one)

Ten wonderful traits that make this kid who he is...

1. He's got the best, most contagious belly laugh.

2. His hair has a serious party overnight... I've never seen bedhead quite like his.

3. He loves nick names... the sillier the better. He once went by "fuzzy beard".

4. He makes friends easily and likes pretty much everyone.

5. He could seriously retell every Spongebob episode word for word. Much to my chagrin.

6. He LOVES to cook along side me, which I love!

7. He gives the very best hugs. Big cuddly bear hugs.

8. He's afraid of aliens...still cannot watch E.T. without leaving the room.

9. He always tells me he loves me at the end of every phone call before I even have the chance.

10. His favorite food is... a turkey sandwich with pickles.

I love you kiddo and hope your day is filled with happiness and fun!

1 comment:

PRP said...

Ten? Seriously? How the freak did that happen?

He is SUCH a wonderful kid. I'm always so impressed with his kind heart and his easy going nature. And the manners! Seriously, you're kids are divine.

Happy Birthday Nolan! We love you!