Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How do you spell Nolan? P.A.C.K.R.A.T.

Ok... here is a glimpse into Nolan's world.
This boy seriously cannot throw anything away. He has absolutely no desire to purge his bedroom of useless dust collectors.
I have tried NUMEROUS times to convince him that cleaning up and tossing out old stuff makes you feel good. But he just says "nope mom, I love all this stuff". Really? Can you really love 4 tubes of lip balm, a broken Hulk action figure, a calendar that only displays July 2008, a damaged shell necklace, a geode covered in dust, piles and piles of crumpled paper, a picture of a hamburger, a birthday hat from so and so's party, a dusty pinball machine that no one ever plays with, a tiki made from wood, a green rabbits foot, a scratched up magnifying glass, a broken pez dispenser that is void of candy, a glow stick that hasn't glowed since Halloween, a nerf dart that's missing it's suction cup, a mood ring that only shows one color, stale Easter candy, blah, blah, blah.....

And this is only what is on his dresser and desk. I will spare you from seeing his closet. I just don't think anyone is ready for that. I probably couldn't even open the door all the way to get a proper photo even if I wanted to... Do you see what I'm dealing with here people?

My goal this week is to have Nolan work with me in learning how to clean and organize. Wish me luck. This is not going to be easy. I will post the after shots when our lesson is complete.


Packrat Sr. said...

OK... It may be a genetic disposition. Half of the things you listed sounded like cool things I would have kept as a kid. The bottom drawer of the dresser in my own room was devoted to these treasures.

When I was older (in high school), a highlight of Erik and Josh's visits to my house would be to sort through my junk drawer and choose a treasure to take home with them (carved wooden tiki? C'mon... that's cool! Green rabbit's foot? Oh boy, that's mine!).

Don't change the boy--just buy him a treasure chest to stow his fabulous loot out of sight! This way lies the path to mutual happiness...

Kelly said...

That would be a great idea...if only I hadn't already done that a couple years ago. He has a few "special stuff boxes" stuffed under his bed and in his closet.
I tell you it is time to purge!

PRP said...

You two are hilarious. Spence is exactly the same way. He keeps wrappers from candy that we picked up at a gas station on the road to somewhere cool...it's a boy thing.

At least he's dreamy in just about every other way!