Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Disney World or Disney Hurled?

Oh to be back in Orlando... Sitting by the pool sipping a mai tai while my boys splash and swim away the afternoon under the warm sunshine.

It makes me smile just thinking about it.

We were gone for eight days and for the most part had a very nice vacation.

Day one-
Red-eye flights are NOT for me. I'd finally doze off just in time for the pilot to announce that our seatbelts MUST be fastened. This happened about 12 or 70 times during the 5 hour flight... it was a little bumpy. But once in Orlando I happily walked around the Magic Kingdom in my zombie-like state for about 5 hours until we were finally let into our hotel room at 3 pm. Just a 5 hour nap was all it took for us to feel refreshed and so we ventured over to Downtown Disney to get some grub and see the sights. It was a lot of fun and we hopped on the little ferry boat that took us down a delightful waterway back to our hotel. Really fun and so convenient!!

Day two-
NOLAN's 9th BIRTHDAY!! The day was all for him! He got to call the shots, so he chose to check out the Animal Kingdom. This park is so lush and beautifully designed- WE LOVE IT! Nolan was given a birthday button to wear that had his name on it, and every single Disney employee noticed it and made a point to wish Nolan a happy Birthday. It was amazing. While we were waiting in line for the safari, one of the employees came up to Nolan and said "Nolan, somebody wants to talk to you on the phone, come over here." He dailed a number and before we knew it, Nolan was getting a birthday greeting from Goofy! How cool is that? He was so pleased and it was fun to see Nolan with a perma-grin on his face the whole day. The rest of the day was spent at the hotel pool. The boys loved going down the dragon water slide and swimming the evening away.

Day three-
Not the best day. Nick woke up with a high fever and a nasty cough. Big Bummer..... I spent the majority of the day with Nick, quarantined in the hotel room watching cartoons and taking naps. Poor kid was so upset that he was missing the fun. Connor and Nolan ventured out to Disney Hollywood Studios Park and had all kinds of fun on the Tower of Terror. Ok,...maybe Connor had fun on the Tower of Terror. Nolan not so much!

Day four-
Nick still felt under the weather, but at least that nasty fever was gone. Halleluiah! We decided to make him rest one more day because we didn't want him to get worse and have to sit out the entire week! We went to the lego store and bought him a couple treasures so he'd have something fun to do while stuck in bed. (By the way...I still can't believe our hotel doesn't have ANYTHING in the way of games, books,movies, or activities for sick kids to do. LAME! Not even the gift shop had anything.) Nolan and I hit the magic Kingdom again because we just can't get enough of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! I think we rode that ride about 7 times...it's the very best!

Day Five-
Hooray- the four of us can actually go out as a family! We decided to go to Hollywood studios- it was great! We saw a couple of amazing stunt shows, had lunch, and Nick and I braved the Tower of Terror. Not a favorite. I guess I just don't like having my stomach in my throat as much as Connor seems to like it. Next it was time to do nothing by the pool- My Fave! Connor and I just chatted away, sippin' on our cocktails, while Nick and Nolan swam to their heart's content. Glorious.

Day Six-
Epcot- here we come! Epcot is nice, but probably my least favorite park in the Disney world complex. The boys and I decided to park ourselves in "China" to have some lunch, while Connor walked all the way to "Germany" to grab himself some sort of sausage and 'kraut. Probably not the best thing to do before going 64 miles an hour on the "Test Track" ride. We managed to keep our lunches down and then went to the "Soarin over California" ride which we unanimously love. It's the best!! More pool time, more mai tais, and happy times!

Day Seven-
How can it be our last full day already??? We decided to venture back to the Magic Kingdom for more magic. We really wanted to head to one of the water parks, but Nick was still recuperating and Nolan was not feeling all that great. I guess we'll just have to go back again someday!

Day eight-
Up at the crack of dawn to catch our bus to the airport. Apparently, the bus driver likes to keep his bus very hot, drives very "jerky", and likes to clean up vomit. Because two of his passengers got car sick on the short jaunt to the airport. Unfortunately, one of them was my son! Nick turned to Connor just in time to say "Dad, I don't feel so good" then covered his mouth with his hands in an attempt to keep the spewage from coming out. My quick thinking hubby, grabbed Nick's hat right off his head just in time to catch the special delivery. Sweet! That was just the icing on the cake to a slightly less than wonderful vacation. Nick felt much better after that, but was extremely bummed to have sacrificed his favorite hat.

Now we are home, freezing, and dreaming of the time we spent in good ol' Disney world hugging Chip and Dale, eating frozen lemonade, squealing through Space Mountain, and just doing whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. It was a nice vacation spent together even if it had a few less than perfect moments. It was definately memorable!

( I will post pictures as soon as I get my picture software downloaded onto our new computer. In the meantime, you'll just have to visualize us in all our souvenir garb checking out the sights.)


PRP said...

It sounds (almost) completely awesome! We loved Disneyworld too-the whole complex is just so cool. I'm sure it's changed a lot since we were there but I know it's tons of fun. Glad you had such a great trip and made so many great memories with your kids.

Can't wait for the pictures!

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit to your site. I came here just to read about your Florida trip. I'll come back to check out the pictures. Sorry the boys were under the weather but what perfect ages to take them to Disney World, a vacation they will remember forever. You are a spectacular family!

Lady Ann

Anonymous said...

Checked out your pages to see how you liked Disney World. I hope you keep copies of your comments for the kids scrapbooks. They are wonderful. Was glad you got to see "Reese" . Cute pictures of all of you with him. You are a GREAT MOM! Love Lee