Thursday, February 28, 2008

Babies, Babies, Babies

I just love me some babies.

And as I was driving home today from having a wonderful lunch with my sweetie I got to thinking about just how many gals I know that are currently pregnant or have just given birth to sweet babies.

There seem to be quite a few!

So I just want to say Congratulations to these ladies and let them know just how excited I am for each and every one of them. Babies are the epitomy of pure, sweet, joy.

Connor's cousin Erik and his wife, Melissa, had a handsome (or as Erik likes to say, Manly) baby boy in mid-January. I got to hold Reese for several hours last weekend and it was so much FUN! He made the best noises, facial expressions, and he was so stinkin' warm and was the best.

My friend/ex-boss, Suzan, just had a beautiful little girl on January 30th... two full months early!! YIKES. Luckily, she is doing amazingly well and will get to come home with mom and dad later this week. Suzan is just sure that Makena entered this world early because she wanted to be born under the sign of the Golden Pig. Another couple of days and she would have been a rat. She was born only weighing 3+ lbs...but has been piling on the weight and now weighs in at almost 6 lbs. Yippee!

My dear friend, Karen, whom I've known for 30 years is also due to have a new baby in July. I'm so stoked about this little baby because if all goes as planned I will get to see this little boy enter the world on his birthday! I've never witnessed a birth (I don't consider giving birth the same at witnessing. You're in a whole different mind set at that point!) and I've been told it is an absolutely amazing thing to see. Especially, since I've been through so much with Karen, it just seems even more special and I can't wait to be there.

My younger sister-in-law, Sarah, also has a new bun in the oven that is due to done baking in mid July! We don't know the gender of this latest kid, but I'm sure its older sister, Savannah, won't mind one way or the other! She will be a fabulous big sister and her mommy, Sarah, is such a wonderful mommy! We are so excited to have another baby in our family.

So, since my baby making days are far behind me it's fun to share the joy of these new bundles of love that have arrived or are soon to make their big debuts. The world is always a better place with new babies wrapped in soft blankets that have countless people who love them!

Congratulations all you mommies!


PRP said...

As one of those mommies, thanks for your best wishes. Although-this babe is now set to enter the world mid June so I hope you can still make it over to see all the action. It's amazing!

Kelly said...

Wow-zers! Mid June eh? Hooray for you! I wouldn't miss it for the world.