Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rude Awakening

Sleepovers can be such a blast. Because it's mid-Winter break, we hosted a fun sleepover with our niece, Jessica and our nephew, Ben. All the kiddos had a fun evening of Nintendo, ice-cream sundaes, a little dance-dance revolution, and a whole lotta laughter. It was GREAT!

I turned the lights off at mid-night and informed the four of them that they could talk quietly a little while longer before catching some zzzzz's.

Ahhh.... peace and quiet. We all drifted off to sleep.

Fast forward to 6:32 AM.

Nolan bursts into our room, looking a little frantic, and spouting off something like "MOM! Ben was going to the bathroom...but he didn't shut the door.... and my kitty,Sophie, got peed on!"

Within 1.3 seconds of finishing his last sentence...Sophie made an appearance by leaping onto our bed within inches of Connor's noggin. It was at that moment that Connor responded "You mean this kitty that just hopped onto my clean bed??? Nolan...take this pee cat outta here!"

Nolan shuffled out, deflated and sorry about the scene he had just caused.

Can you imagine a nicer way to wake up? It was just a glorious start to our day. All I could do was laugh about Sophie's impeccable timing. Then it was off to the shower for Sophie...

Probably the next worst thing to being woken up by a pee cat is trying to give one a shower. Funny how a cute little ball of fluff can instantly turn into a deadly clawing machine. Just add water. Maybe next time, she'll reconsider investigating what goes on in the bathroom when a boy has got to go.

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Connor said...

I liked the look on Ben's face when I came downstairs and asked "Ben, did you pee on my cat?"

For a second he thought his time on planet earth was all used up...