Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Pops!

Happy Birthday DAD!

Here are some little known facts about my dad...

He loves to eat Twinkies.

He can make any task less burdensome by "making a game out of it!" (Anytime I would complain, that little phrase would pop out of his mouth.)

He always refers to young kids as "Twerps".

He LOVES to garden and could probably make any dying plant flourish.

Anytime he encountered a bad driver he would yell out..."Dumb Broad!"

Even if it turned out to be a male driver. I used to laugh at this, now I'm a tad bit offended.

He is super good at saving money. Even if he won the lottery, I still think he would barely spend a cent.

Everyone I know thinks highly of my dad. He's just that great!

All of his grand kids think he is FANTASTIC, FUNNY, and a whole lot of FUN!

He worked at the very same pharmacy for 33 years.

He would be happy as a clam sitting on a river bank fishing the day away.

He used to be a soda jerk in a little drug store in Nebraska... I think this is where he first thought about becoming a pharmacist.

His dream car is a classic 57 Covette Convertible.

One of his favorite past times is combing a rocky beach for the perfect rock. His grand kids know this, and now rock finding contests have ensued.

He has been a wonderful role model for me and I hope his day is spent doing whatever brings him happiness. Maybe fishing somewhere sunny with a big box of Twinkies within reach.

I love you Dad!!

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PRP said...

Twinkies? Really? I don't think I knew that.

I hope you're dad has a great day. Happy birthday Dale!