Saturday, December 20, 2008

December to Remember

It's COLD, 20 degrees cold and the snow that has been falling since last weekend is still hanging around. We're loving it and this is what we've been spending our week doing...

Walking to our neighborhood park to sled EVERYDAY.

Our lake is completely frozen over.

We crossed this bridge several times a day mostly with numb toes on our way home to have some of this...

Mmmm... Good thing I bought the Costco sized whipped cream!

Then is was back in the snow for more sledding...Connor, Nolan, and Hazel heading down the hill.
I love to see the snow falling! This is our backyard during a particularly snowy afternoon.

Now we are braced for some serious winds that the weatherman said is surely to hit by tonight. We could have up to 90 miles an hour gusts... :( I REALLY don't want the power to go out, but it sounds like it is inevitable. Guess my Christmas turkey might start thawing out a day earlier than I had planned. Maybe I should just toss it onto the front porch!


Anonymous said...

Ok, you guys are having way too much fun! I wanna play. I hate the cold, but sledding is soooo much fun! Enjoy it while we have it and stay safe as usual.
I hope we all survive the windstorm and keep our power. Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly, it's your cousin Chris in Richmond. Love the blog, nice job! Jealous of the snow, we've got rain. Rich and I used to always go up to Stevens Pass to see snow when we lived out there. I miss that. Hope you guys have a great Christmas!

Kelly said...

Hi Chris! Nice to hear from you. We really enjoyed your Christmas card, very clever! Hopefully your rain will turn to snow and you will have a white Christmas too. Have a great one!!

secondsister said...

It does look like you are having lots of fun. We are snowed in with 11 inches. It is beautiful, but I wish I had my grandchildren here to play with. Hope we won't be snowed in by Christmas! I do LOVE to keep track of your family with your wonderful blog. Love, Aunt Lee