Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas.
This is the very first white Christmas I can remember. Since we've been up to our shins in the white stuff for over a week, it was no surprise. But the snow that has been falling all morning has been a welcome surprise and so lovely.
I thought I'd reminisce a little about Christmas' past...

For a few years when Nolan was a very young boy, he always asked Santa for odd gifts.
One year it was a robe... the next year it was a pair of slippers... You should've seen the looks Santa gave him after asking for such mundane gifts for a kid. Well... here's the look on Nolan's face after he opened up his Santa gift...

Pure joy! Santa delivered the best darn slippers a kid could ever dream of getting.

Oh... And who can forget the Christmas day Surprise of 2006?
We are huge fans of "A Christmas Story" movie where Ralphie wishes for a Red Rider B-B gun. Well, Connor went the extra step and totally pulled one over on me. After opening all the gifts, he had hid two more under the coffee table and said "Hmmm, what's that under the table? Looks like Santa left a little something more." When the boys pulled these beauties out, I gave Connor the look of death and said "You'll shoot your eyes out boys!"
I couldn't believe he bought them those guns without my knowledge or consent. Luckily, Nick and Nolan are uber-careful and responsible. No one has lost an eye yet.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your families that will conjure up happy memories in the years to come!

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