Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Should I be offended?

The other day Connor and I were having a conversation about how Nolan always seems to have the knack to socialize with anybody with ease.

We both find this skill of his fascinating because neither Connor or myself have never been stellar at socializing. I mean, we do alright, but neither of us are very comfortable with conversing with people unless we know them really well.

So, here is a little snippet of our conversation...

Connor- "It seems to me that both our boys lucked out and got the best traits from your side of the family."
Me- "What do you mean?"
Connor- "Well, Nolan reminds me a lot of your brother, Scott... He's a social butterfly, confident, and he even has the same physical build as Scott."
Me- "I guess you're right."
Connor- "And Nick has the amazing artistic ability like your brother Todd..."
Me-"And they got their good looks from me!" (wink, wink)

This is where the conversation ended and the dead silence began. He didn't say another word...
That is, until he finished laughing. Isn't that sweet?

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Connor said...

Sandifers tease. It's how we demonstrate our deep and abiding affection...