Tuesday, June 10, 2008

~Hush, Hush, keep it down now...voices carry...~ (I WISH)

I've lost it. I lost my voice Friday night after a fun evening at my in-laws house singing the night away with their karaoke machine. (Karaoke + head cold + mojito= no voice) Now, don't get me wrong...it was a good time for sure. Who doesn't like to sing their heart out to some Aerosmith classics or a little Olivia Newton John? But, come on already, I'm now on day four of sounding like a sick duck. I'm trying very hard not to speak today because I've been told that is the best way to get your voice back. I headed out into the public eye trying my best not to speak, but you just can't ignore the checker at Target, that would be rude. Although, the look on her face when I told her thank you, was probably even more rude... And yesterday, I went to work at the pharmacy in this sad condition. I think the majority of the customers felt inclined to get a little extra pump of the hand sanitizer we have cleverly placed by the register after the "no-voice sicky" girl helped to ring them up. Answering the phone and trying to have a conversation was comical to say the least. I was compared to "an old lady", "a squeaky-voiced adolescent aged boy", and my personal fave "Rod Stewart". Maybe I should pull out the karaoke machine just one more time to sing a little "Maggie Mae". :)

I need to get over this cold-bug and get my voice back soon! Keep that baby inside Karen...I can't come visit you in this current state!!

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