Sunday, June 8, 2008

A day in the life....

Wake up.

Watch a few cartoons.

Pop some eggos in the toaster to brown to perfection.

Build a new masterpiece out of the gazillion lego pieces we've managed to collect over the years.

Play and cuddle with my cat.

Go outside to see what this wonderful weekend day has to offer.

Climb my favorite tree in the front yard.

Take my dad's Remote Control monster truck for a test drive.

Build a ramp out of scrap wood and see how high I can jump my bike over my new creation.

Take a small break to have lunch on the back patio with my family.

Get together with a couple neighborhood kids and go on a gardner snake hunt.

Shout with glee for each and every one of the TEN snakes we found!

Shout with even more glee when we found a lizard.

Tossed the baseball back and forth.

Scale my favorite tree in the backyard.

Watch the airplanes hover over head.

Head inside to watch America's Funniest Videos.

Read a few chapters of a favorite book.

Hop into bed....

It was a great weekend around here for two boys. This is what being a kid is all about. Remember the days that seemed to go on forever, doing whatever silly thing popped into your head. Childhood is an amazing time. I find myself remembering my own childhood on days like this.

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Connor said...

It sure seemed to me like a day they'll remember their whole lives... Thanks for capturing it, Kel!