Friday, March 21, 2008

We can't say we never win anything anymore...

Yesterday, Connor called from work to say....

"Hey, Kel... I just won a ham today."

"I didn't really want to win a ham, but I noticed the entry forms in the cafeteria yesterday at work...I thought what the heck...and filled one out."

"I'll be bringing the ham home tomorrow."

Why can't we win the lottery, free concert tickets, or even a free snapple? I guess when you and maybe two other people fill out an entry form to win a ham- your odds of winning are pretty good.


Connor said...

But... But... There was a whole big bowl full of completed entry tickets! Way to demean my Major Award.

No ham for you--one year!

PRP said...

Congrats on your big moment Connor. You are awesome.

I would love me some ham right now. Can we come for Easter dinner???