Tuesday, March 4, 2008

You no longer have to imagine us on vacation!

Here of some shots we took while on vacation last month in Disney World.
First stop...The Magic Kingdom!
Chip or Dale in the All American parade on Main Street

Nolan in his metalic, light up Mickey ears...very cool to see at night!

My guys posing up in The Swiss Family Robinson's Tree house

Busted! Probably for having too much fun...

A little preview of what we'll see on the road in about 5 years. YIKES!

Nolan and I LOVE this ride! We went on Big Thunder Mtn. Railroad about seven or eight times.

Nolan and his pal Chip... or is this Dale? You'll have to ask Nolan, he's the only one that can tell them apart.

NEXT DAY..... ANIMAL KINGDOM! Happy B-day to Nolan!

Tree of Life. This thing is HUGE and has carvings of animals all over it.

My boys looking like they like eachother. Thank goodness they really do!

I LOVED this ride too... Expedition Everest. Fast, Scary, Dark, Backwards, big thrill, the best.
Nick and Connor do not agree. Nolan liked it enough to go on it twice!

We met Rafiki from Lion King

Kinda sad.....but this is the only photo of mom. I'm always the one behind the lens.

On safari in "Africa"
This was a highlight of the Animal Kingdom, Nolan couldn't stop taking photos--lots to see!

Self explanatory

HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS (sick Nick and Nurse Mom did not make it there this day)

"Honey We Shrunk the Nolan" playing on the magnified playground.
It was a neat playground!

Tower or TERROR


Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter is where we stayed. Beautiful grounds situated next to the river.

We took these boats up the river to Down Town Disney almost every evening for some grub and shopping fun. It was relaxing and lots of fun!

Our hotel's swimming pool. This cool dragon water slide was the the deciding factor for Nick and Nolan choosing this hotel. Too bad it was closed for 6 out of 7 days of our stay!

Oh! Another shot of me! Those are my toes. (and Nolan)
We did get to use the neighboring hotel's pool while ours was closed and actually, it turned out to be a whole lot nicer and the water slide was longer and more fun for the boys!

Nolan about to splash into the pool off of the slide!

So... There's a taste of what we did while on vacation. I'm a little disappointed in my photographer skills this time around. Seems like a missed a bunch of good opportunites. Didn't take ANY in Epcot or Down town Disney. OOPS. Too busy shopping I guess.

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Thanks for those! It makes me want to go back!