Thursday, March 27, 2008


Snow in the Spring?
Just a few days ago I was out basking in the warm sunshine while mowing the lawn...
What is going on?

Pretty, pretty Spring day.

This is the reaction you get after you tell your boys that they have a two hour school delay!

Nicholas always likes to push the sledding limits... He turned his into a make shift snowboard.

Nolan had to follow Nicholas' lead. Sitting on sleds is just so last season!

(said in a very somber way with many nose sniffles...)
"Nicholas threw a snowball in my eye and it hurt real bad."

Ahhh.... the joys of boys!
Despite this being the last picture on the post...we truly had a lot of FUN this morning with the two extra hours the school district allotted us. Snowballs, snow angels, sledding, and hot chocolate rounded out our morning.
And according to the weather guy... he says there may be more snow on the way!


Anonymous said...

See please here

Malchom Harley said...

I love the snow on the top of your page and the Disney picture it makes me want to reminisce of my trip to Disney

PRP said...

That is crazy! My mom called and told me it snowed and my first thought was "I'm so glad I came home yesterday!!!"

Enjoy it while it lasts...