Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our Budding Artist!

Nicholas entered the "Reflections" contest at school this year. Reflections is a national program that invites school kids of all ages to participate by creating visual art, literature, photography, dance, or film production. Each year there is a different theme that the art work is supposed to be based on.

This year's theme was..."I can make a difference by..."

He came up with this beautiful sketching of a bird house in a birch tree. I. Love. it. I know I'm biased because he IS my kid, but, really... I think it's great! I love all of the texture he put into the the details. He had to write a statement on the back of his entry that supported how it fit the theme. He wrote "I can make a difference by making a wildlife habitat for birds because most of those places are being torn down."

His entry was chosen among thousands of other entries to advance to the district level. He was stoked to find that out!
This boy has always loved art and has always had a knack for drawing. His uncle Todd's artistic ability somehow found it's way through the gene pool and ended up giving Nick the artist's touch!

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PRP said...

That picture is awesome! What a great accomplishment for such an artistic guy! Keep us posted on what happens next!