Thursday, March 13, 2008

Respect your elders

Here's a birthday shout out to a great friend of ours who just happens to be turning the big 40 today!

Happy Birthday Rob!! (Or the "muffin man" as my boys so lovingly refer to him.)

Everyone should have a friend like Rob. You can always count on this guy to make you smile. When I think of Rob, I think of a funny, kooky, outdoorsy, hard-working, practical joker, fun-loving, never boring, generous guy all rolled into one fantastic friend!

Did you know, that 40 years ago, on the blessed year you graced this planet...

Gasoline only cost 34 cents a gallon?? Oh those were the days!
The average income was $7850?
The first Big Mac went on sale at McDonalds?
London Bridge was sold for 1 million dollars and then re-erected in Arizona?
Planet of The Apes was a number one movie at the box office?

I hope you spend this day exactly how you want to and that the next 40 years bring you much happiness, good health, continued friendships, and fond memories. We love ya!

(Sorry Rob, these are the only photos of you I could find because most of my photos are locked up in my broken computer... the first one was while we were on vacation on Lake Roosevelt, and other two were both taken in 1992 at Disneyland! Rob loved the Dumbo ride!!---Connor demanded multimedia so I had to deliver!)


Connor said...

Ummm... Don't you think you should add a picture of Rob? How about Will? Elizabeth?

What kind of blog are you running here, anyway?!?! I demand multimedia!

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

Ok, Ok....I can add a few I have from way back... But anything recent is locked up in the broken computer hoping to make an appearance SOMEDAY! :)

Anonymous said...

MUCH better! Thank you!