Thursday, January 3, 2008

Just Three Simple Words

Warning... This post is going to be a little syrupy sweet.

I just have to put this little episode of my life in writing so I can refer to it any time I'm having a bad day...

The other morning, I woke up to the best sound a mom could hear. Nick was just hanging out upstairs in his room and decided to poke his head into my bedroom to say good morning. That was nice enough, but then as he was leaving he let out a sigh and said "I love life."

As a mom, you spend a great deal of your time wondering (or in my case, worrying) if you're doing a good enough job as a parent. I know I lack in MANY areas and make a lot of dumb decisions when it comes to the challenges of parenting...but, hearing Nick say that little phrase put my parenting woes at ease. It brought a huge grin to my face that morning and I don't think it's left my face since.


PRP said...

That kid is such a stud! Your boys are AMAZING-their sensitivity, their compassion, their swwet, sweet spirits. Never doubt your abilities as a parent. You are doing a job that you were born to do. And your boys are all the proof you need!

I'm so glad you wrote it down so you'll always remember it! Priceless!

Connor said...

I love the diary aspect of your (and Karen's) blog. Will these be available forever? I think you both should occasionally print them out and file them away in a blog scrapbook or 3-ring binder.

Maybe we can make millions by designing a blogger book or pages for people to use in archiving blog entries and comments... Or not.

In any case, thanks for recording these important details for posterity!