Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Look what a little breath mint can do...

It all started over 17 years ago when this strapping, young, handsome co-worker of mine came through my checkout line wanting to buy a pack of Wintergreen Lifesavers. As he purchased them he asked "Did you know these spark in the dark?" I replied..."Nope, and I really doubt they do." Then here's the hook he used to reel me in... he said "I bet you a free lunch that they do." I, of course, was poor and could use a free lunch (especially with such a cute guy) so I said "you're on!" About ten minutes later... the two of us and another co-worker were all standing in the ladies room in the dark, munching on these breath mints watching for some sort of pyrotechnics to emit from our mouths. Well, I totally lost that bet, but deep inside I knew I had actually won!

And so it began...

A homemade pizza and a game of pool and Connor was mine! We don't consider that first meal our first date, however. Seems kind of wrong to call a lost bet a date. It was just the starting off point to where my life would lead with this fantastic guy.

For the next two years, we had so much fun together. Going out all the time, hiking, bowling, camping, weekend trips to the ocean, spending as much time as possible together. He opened my eyes to all kinds of wonderful things in life. He is a nature lover, he taught me to look at my surroundings and be thankful for this beautiful world around us. I got to know his group of friends very well over these two years, and realized they are such fun and wonderful people. I felt very lucky to have these people as my friends too. But most of all, I learned that Connor was the kind of person I could share my life with and be completely happy forever. From day one he continually showed me how caring and thoughtful he was. His sense of humor and wit kept me in stitches. He could whip me at a game of Trivial pursuit...but was sensitive enough to not make me feel like the idiot I was. (He is seriously, one of the smartest people I know) He loved his family and the way he talked to his mom sealed the deal!

On one of our many nature excursions, Connor and I headed up to Mount Rainier on a sunny April day in 1992. It was such a clear and crisp Spring day. We pulled off the main road to explore the forest lined creek not too far off in the distance. I distinctly remember watching the most beautiful blue butterfly flittering away from rock to rock along the water's edge. We were lying down in a grassy meadow watching the clouds above, when all of sudden Connor placed something round on the tip of my nose. Of course, it didn't take me more than a second to realize what it was. Suddenly I felt like I was sitting on one of those clouds I was watching just a moment before. He was so sweet and asked if I'd like to share the rest of my life with him. I remember a feeling of complete happiness wash over me as I said yes. Forever couldn't start soon enough!

So...Fifteen years ago today I met him up at the altar. I don't remember a thing the pastor said and we might as well had Charlie Brown's teacher up there saying "Mwa Mwa mwa mwaaa mwa mwaaa mwa mwama." My brother, Scott, had warned me that might happen! :) Later on, we danced the night away at the reception and had a grand ol' time. We just tried to ignore the fact that our wedding cake was yellow...

With the passing of fifteen years have come a boat load of wonderful memories. I'd be writing for 8 months straight if I were to mention all of the good times. But the most important, would have to be Nick and Nolan entering our lives. I feel that we've created this family for ourselves that brings me total joy and contentment. Connor is a fantastic father and role model for those boys. And as a husband, he is the absolute best! There isn't a person on the face of the earth I feel more comfortable with. He is just as romantic today as he was way back in the early days and keeps me laughing ALL OF THE TIME and that is the way I like it.

(This was taken at our friend, Rob's, wedding in July 1996)

In fact. Here are a couple of things Connor has said to me over the years on our anniversaries...

5th year anniversary... "You know, Kel, there are prison sentences shorter than this."

14th year anniversary... We were driving around and he asked me if I wanted to hear the latest song he'd downloaded from itunes. I said "sure." Before I knew it we were listening to Paul Simon touting the "5o ways to leave your lover." Isn't that sweet?

Well, I guess it's safe to say he didn't hop on the bus, make a new plan, or slip out the back because today we are celebrating our 15 th Anniversary! I can hardly wait to hear what he's going to say about fifteen years of wedded bliss.

But I will say this, Connor, thanks for making my life the wonderful journey it has been. I love you and I can't wait to see what new and fantastic things we will encounter as our journey continues. You are the absolute best.



PRP said...

SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!

I love that I have been there for all of it and I remember distinctly going into your work so you could point him out to me...up there, on the ladder, hanging decorations. Love it!

You guys are my favorite family and I love the life you have created. You inspire me everytime I'm with you to do it all just a bit better.

Happy anniversary!

Oh, and Squish just came and and saw the pictures and said "Mama! It's Kelly and Connor. They so pretty!"

PRP said...

And I can't believe it's been 15 years! That is CRAZY!

Kelly said...

Thanks, Karen, for your sweet comment. See, your memory isn't as bad as you think...that was a long time ago that Connor was up on that ladder!!