Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mom always said "Worrying doesn't do any good"

Ok...So on Saturday morning, Nolan's friend invited both him and Nick to go inner tubing up at Snoqualmie Pass with a bunch of other friends. YIPPEE, They were stoked! I talked to the mom who was crazy enough to venture into the high country with 5 boys, ages 6 to 11. She informed me that there would also be two other moms up on the slopes to help keep an eye out for everyone. I tried to put my worries aside, telling myself that Nick and Nolan are very responsible and smart kids and that they would be just fine. While they were gone, I filled my afternoon with a cleaning spree that would put Mr. Clean to shame. I also, took at least 3o minutes to enjoy the SILENCE and did nothing but veg on the couch... SUBLIME!!

Well, 5:30 rolls around and lo and behold my boys come tumbling through the front door in all their soggy and slushy gear rambling on about how much fun they had playing in the snow!

See...I was right, they were safe all along. Why me worry?

I'll tell you why... Because within seven minutes of being home, Nolan decides he's going to vault over the ottoman in the family room. He had lost all sense of smart. He did not stick his landing like the Olympic gymnasts do on TV... instead he injured his left foot so bad, he was unable to apply ANY pressure to it! LOVELY.

On a good note. The local doctor who reviewed his X-RAY was 90% sure he didn't break any bones. Just a bad sprain. This was music to my ears, because I kept picturing Nolan hobbling around Disney world in late January with a cast and not being able to go on any water slides.

So, for now, Nolan is mastering crutches until his foot feels good enough to walk on. Hopefully, within the next few days he'll be as good as new.

I guess my days of not worrying are far in the future. I've come to the conclusion that once you become a mother, you also become a worry wart.


PRP said...

Poor Nolan! That's terrible! I hope he's feeling better soon.

And Disneyland in did I not know about that? Sounds fantastic!

Connor said...

Nice glum face, Nolan! Looks like "poor Flick" back in the classroom after the flagpole incident!