Friday, January 8, 2010

Move over Martha Stewart...

Yesterday, I was feeling a bit like June Cleaver.
I had a couple loads of laundry humming in the machines upstairs...
My vacuum cleaner was warm from being put to use on BOTH floors...
I could hear the gentle slosh of the dishwasher working hard for me in the background...
And then there was a new sound introduced to my home that even got the attention of my lazy-snooze-all-day cats...

Oh yeah... I was in the driver seat of this bad boy-pushing the pedal to the carpet!

I don't think I've used a sewing machine since my 8th grade Home Ec class. But sewing must be like riding a bicyle, because I suddenly felt very comfortable as soon as my foot hit the pedal.
Connor bought me this sewing machine for my birthday (He would like it to be known that I ASKED for a sewing machine... He would NEVER buy a present like this otherwise). I've been wanting one for quite awhile, especially every time I see the price of curtain panels at the store... I just know I can create the same things for a fraction of the cost!

I decided to try out my theory and make a couple of pillows to adorn my lovely new/old fence board storage bench that I LOVE.

Look at what I made mom!
It was fun and I only needed one bandaid. :)
(I can't blame the machine for that one, it happened when I was hand sewing the buttons on.)

I'm pretty smitten with myself. What should I make next? Curtains for our new kitchen? Perhaps an apron for my ultra messy cooking habits? Maybe a bandaid box cozy? :)

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Seriously. You floor me. It looks fantastic!