Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reading, Writing, and Making the World a Better Place...

Homework is not what it used to be...
Back in my day,
I remember studying from boring text books, writing occasional book reports, and jotting a few math problems down on notebook paper.
I did not find myself having to act out historical figures in front of my classes...
Creating fantastic imaginative "mock" inventions...
Or coming up with a way to make my community a better place...
But, Nick has.
A couple of months ago he was instructed to conduct at least ten hours of community service.
What a fantastic assignment, no? Teaching kids the meaning of giving back to your community is genius.
Nick thought long and hard over this task at hand. He has a special place in his heart for pets and knew he wanted to focus his attention in that direction.
Originally he wanted to volunteer at the local animal shelter, but found out they require helpers to be at least 18 years old.
So he decided to conduct a pet supply drive around the neighborhood and donate any goodies he acquired to the animal shelter.... But, not one person in the neighborhood responded to his cute little flyers posted on the mailboxes. LAME... My neighborhood is usually stellar in all other ways that I was flabbergasted when nobody gave a thing....
On to plan #3. Connor knows the owner's of a local veterinary hospital hoping Nick could put in a few hours cleaning or doing any odd jobs they had to help out the clinic. Sadly and understandably they can't allow minors around the animals for liability reasons.
Nick was feeling a little stressed and dejected at this point. So Connor suggested we hold a pet supply drive at the local grocery store. Genius! Luckily through my connections we were able to plop down a table and chairs and get to work in the store I've called "work" for so many years.
Honestly, I didn't know how well this was going to go. He kept his expectations low and tried his best to let the shoppers know what his mission was.
We were only there for a few hours but witnessed a myriad of very giving individuals. Everything from a lady who said she'd been laid off three times in twelve months but who insisted on emptying out her coin purse to help the animals in need, to another lady writing out a thirty dollar check to the local animal shelter. By the end of his three hour drive, Nick had collected a whole shopping cart filled to the brim with kibbles, treats, and everything the needy pets could put to use.

Our own kitties were ecstatic to see the loot come through the front door. Too bad they won't be sinking their teeth into any of those goodies!

We plan on taking the goods to the Humane Society on Thursday. I'm sure they will be more than able to use the food or donate some to local food banks to help less fortunate families that are having a hard time feeding their pets.

Nick wrote his report and learned a lot through this creative assignment.
It was a great lesson in planning, executing, and achieving his goal of helping the furry members of our community.

Way to go Nick!


secondsister said...

What a great way to teach how each individual CAN make a difference. Great job Nick. I'm sorry you left the things Christina & I had for you @ Christmas. I guess she is bringing them up on Jay's birthday. We love you, Aunt Lee

PRP said...

That is fantastic! I love that teachers are looking outside of the classroom and teaching kids real life skills. Makes my heart happy.

Way to go Nick! I'm sure you helped lots of animals fill their bellies!

Kelly said...

Thanks for your contributions Lee and Christina! Nick took the goods to the Humane Society and they were in awe at the amount he was able to collect... It was a lot of fun for him to help out!