Thursday, January 28, 2010


Wow. How can this possibly be my 200th post? I'm not one for having a whole lot to say, so I find this rather remarkable. :)

What better way to mark the 200th anniversary of "Blessed Is The Mother Of Boys" than to dedicate this post to my boys?

Lately, they've been making me laugh... A LOT.

Nick is at an age where I totally get his sense of humor. He's growing up and has lots of insightful thoughts and conversations spilling out of his head all of the time. It's fun.

Nolan is still funny, just in the typical "gross 5th grade boy" kind of way. He thinks any ridiculous sound is hysterical and anything mentioning underwear is a knee-slapper. I don't get it. Boys will be boys.

Here's an example of how my boys make me laugh. They've been playing/singing the blues together lately... It's a riot. They walked all the way home from the bus stop the other day playing the blues. Nolan plays some great little riffs on the trumpet, while Nick spouts off bluesy phrases between the riffs. It's completely ad-libbed and I think it's hilarious. This video doesn't do them justice...but it's all I've got.

Nicholas also likes to give Nolan rides on his electric scooter. He volunteers to get Nolan to and from the busstop like a little taxi service. I love it. Not only does it save me from having to get Nolan, it gives them some good fun brother time.

I'm lucky my boys actually like one another. It makes for a pleasant household. I hope their relationship continues to grow and that they will always be close. Nothing beats a good, supportive friend... especially one who knows how to cheer you up when you're singing the blues!

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