Friday, December 4, 2009

When life gives you lemons...

I finally got over the loss of a sunny vacation to sunny Arizona. It was not an easy thing to kiss goodbye. Especially after packing up all my cute summer outfits...dreaming about warm sunshine... and wanting desperately to see far off relatives that just make me smile.

So... Nolan was feeling better after a couple of days on the AMAZING Tamiflu medication. It seriously erased any symptoms he had within a matter of 48 hours! We would have totally rebooked out airline tickets for later that week if the price hadn't of sky rocked to almost quadruple what we paid. An extra $1300 on top of what we already shelled out was not a viable option. :(

With a mostly healthy family in the house, we decided to put a little fun back into our week of misfortune. On Tuesday afternoon, we hopped in the car and headed one hour South to a resort that has been beckoning my children to come visit since it's opening day two years ago. We visited the Great Wolf Lodge! A ginormous rustic lodge that comes equipped with a tweens dream arcade room, gift shops galore, cafes, and the coolest indoor water park that is always a balmy 84 degrees. Hallelujah! We found warmth!

Connor and I were equally excited as the boys to be shooting down slick water slides. It. Was. So. Much. Fun! There were a couple slides that were big enough for all four of us to go at the same time. Those were the best, we'd laugh, hoot, and holler the whole way down. Good times.
Nick and Nolan's favorite part was the wave pool that could slosh you around like you were a grimy garment in the heavy-duty wash cycle of a washing machine. Insanely wild but fun.

We loved our time at the lodge. It was impeccably clean and every employee we met was helpful and unbelievably friendly. (It was a far cry from the last water park we attended...) It was just what this deflated family needed to raise our spirits.

It was a perfect opportunity to look for the bright side. We were feeling better! We still had time off from work! We were having fun together! And now we still have a vacation ahead of us to Arizona to look forward to...

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PRP said...

We need to go there...maybe a two family rendezvous in the next few months?