Monday, May 4, 2009

Soak up the Son

The other night while we all sat on the couch watching the latest installment of America's Funniest Home Videos it hit me like a rock...

My boys are getting older at a pace I'm not entirely happy with. It wont be very long at all before they get to the point that sitting with mom and dad watching the tube just wont float their boats. I need to absorb every last bit. I need to take them up on every invitation they throw my way. I need to put my busy work aside to play the Spongebob Edition Life game whenever Nolan begs me to. (And some of you know how I despise the game of Life.) When they ask me to sit and watch the newest episode of Ben 10, I will happily oblige. Watching cartoons just isn't my thing, but I need to remember hanging with my boys IS my thing.

Somehow these thoughts washed over me as Nolan lay happily in my lap begging me to play with his hair while we watched and laughed at the crazy people doing stupid things on TV. Nicholas curled up on my other side and seemed as happy as a clam to be cuddled up on the couch with his family. It made me SO VERY HAPPY! But at the same time, made me a little sad to know these days are numbered.

I guess the best way to deal with this predicament is to just soak it all in. I love these kids and the thought of them not being kids makes me sad. I know they will be great adolescents and adults when the time comes, but for now I need to remember childhood is fleeting. So bring on the Battleship playing, Bug catching, Baseball throwing, snake viewing, stick widdling, and whatever boyish fun is due to come my way!


PRP said...

Such a clever title....:)

I know exactly what you mean. But I think you've managed to raise your boys in a way that will always have them close to you and Connor...I don't think they would want to be part of a world where you two weren't front and center. Your boys are amazing and it's because they've had amazing parents!

secondsister said...

I agree that you & Conner are amazing parents! Everyone loves to have your boys around. I have always told you I would keep them anytime. That is to the credit of the great parents who are raising them! Love, Aunt Lee