Wednesday, May 6, 2009


My friend and fellow-blogger, Karen, had one of the best ideas to keep in touch with her hubby.

Yes... please take the time to read her fantastic idea before going any farther...

See what I mean?





So, even Connor was sold after reading her post and asked me when we were going to get a whiteboard?

Well, we are now the proud new owners of what we like to call the "schmoopy board".

(A gazillion years ago, on the sitcom "Mad About You", whenever Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt were being sweet and doting on one another they used to say they were being schmoopy. My sister-in-law, Shannon, started using that phrase on us whenever she caught Connor and myself holding hands or hugging. She says "Oh...look at the Schmoopifers!" and then usually rolls her eyes. :) )

Yesterday...Connor wrote his very first note.
It cracked me up and made me smile.

Then apparently Nick found the note...

Spoken like a true twelve year old.

This too, make me crack up and smile.

Maybe our schmoopy board isn't in the best location...but we really do not have a place in the house where only Connor and I would see it. That's OK... It'll be fun to see the added commentary from time to time.

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PRP said...

I. Love. It!!!!

And schmoopey board is a most excellent name...