Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh the places we'll go!

For once I really don't even care that my photo is hideous...

I opened the mailbox today to see a couple of very official envelopes waiting for me. After a second or two, I knew exactly what they were and a smile stretched across my face.

Can you believe Connor and I just received our very first passports today? How lame is that? I know... pretty lame. But now we have the ability to hop on a plane and go ANYWHERE in the world and that, my friends, is NOT lame.

I am happy to have this tiny little booklet with my ugly mug on the first page for many reasons. First off, it means that my trek to Mexico is getting closer and that I don't have to worry about this passport thingy anymore. And second, it means that Connor and I will be able to see the world as we have talked about countless times over our life. It just makes me happy knowing we have one less thing stopping us from reaching our goals. We can jet off to London if we really want to... Or, climb aboard a cruise ship bobbing in the Mediterranean Sea.... Or, scale up the side of Machu Picchu to see the amazing lost village. SO COOL!!

Who knew that a little blue booklet issued by the American government can bring such joy!

Now, I just need to get Nick and Nolan their very own little blue books so they can see this amazing world right along side us!


PRP said...


Is it August yet???

Can't. wait.

Connor said...

Oh yeah. I'm now poised to become an international man of mystery.

Kelly said...

Yeah Baby.