Saturday, April 4, 2009


Today was a beautiful sunny Spring day... Finally. We had snow falling last Tuesday and I was not amused. So I welcomed this bright and lovely day with a smile on my face.

We spent the majority of the day outside. We've been promising the boys we'd take them to the local skate park that we've driven past on numerous occasions. They always ooh and aah at the thought of trying out their wheels at the park. So today they were giddy with excitement and I was not. I don't know why god thought giving me two boys was a good idea. I seriously cringe and worry with every "boy thing" they do. For instance, I was the only mom at the skate park packin' a small baggie filled with first-aid supplies. It's a miracle I don't have a massive ulcer after 12 years of being a mother of boys. Nick and Nolan had THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES and nary a bone was broken. Both of them caught on really quick and were doing tricks off the ramps and half pipes before I knew it. I must say, I actually enjoyed watching them between cringes and gasps.

Then it was off to the Green River for a small hike and to try our hand at hopping on rocks near the water's edge. I really wish I wasn't such a nervous Nellie... Why can't I just enjoy the lovely landscape and chirping birds as my children happily play alongside the river? Instead, I'm envisioning the worst case scenario of them slipping in the river only to be carried downstream never to be seen again. I talked myself out of my paranoia and discovered that I too, can huck a rock pretty far across the river. We had a grand time sitting on giant boulders surrounded by lapping water watching kayakers pass us by in the rapids. It was a lot of fun especially when Connor and Nolan both ended up knee deep in the drink. Good times. Good bone chilling cold times!

Connor said I should really rename my blog. He thinks Witnob is a far better name for me... Worried is the mother of boys. I would have to agree. But I seriously am going to make an effort at being less over protective. It's almost paralyzing and I'm missin' out on some of the fun. I just need to let my boys be boys... I promise I will not bring the baggie of first aid supplies to the park next time, I will just leave it in the car. :)

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I second Connor....:)