Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Summer Daydreams and Hamster Wheels

While the rain drips outside my window, (Um, excuse me, let me state the fact that the rain is now mixed with SNOW) I will think to the future months ahead that have great fun and much sun in store for me.
As soon as school lets out for Nick and Nolan we will be heading to central Oregon to spend some quality time with these folks...

We've rented a house in Sunriver that is nestled next to a slow flowin' river in a beautiful pine forest. We'll be spending our days riding bikes, swimming, rafting down a river full of rapids, laughing and having a grand time. We LOVE vacationing with my brother and his family... We rarely get to see them, but when we do...it's like a tornado of fun! I can not wait!!!!

My parents are planning on joining the fun and that just makes it even better!

A month after that fantabulous trip, Connor and I will be jetting off to spend some quality time in this lovely locale with the funnest people gracing this planet. It will be a vacation to remember I'm sure. Sunshine, sandy beaches, great friends, and never ending laughter make for a memorable vacation.

I can not wait for the summer to roll around! I've had it up to my eyeballs with nasty sideways rain, slushy drips, and wind blown hair. I need warm sunshine against my back, flip flops on my feet, and a cool margarita in my hand.
I will be spending the next few months preparing for these trips by daydreaming and hopping on this little fella...

This is my pal, "Dreadmill", He's supposed to help whip my derriere in shape for my upcoming trips. That is no easy task! Wish us luck as we spend quality time together almost every day. If the sun ever shows it's head in these parts, I'll give dreadmill a break, and actually run outside...what a novel idea!

I hear him calling my name... So I must go. I'll daydream about crashing ocean waves and river rafting all the while!

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