Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools Shenanigans

We survived another April Fool's Day around here. It makes for a fun day, but also makes you feel a little paranoid at the same time.

I started the morning off trying to trick the boys. I told them to go get the milk out of the milk box that the milk man just delivered on the front porch... Nick came in with a notice from the milkman stating their cows can't produce enough milk to sustain the needs of our community... too many teenage boys drinkin' too much milk... Nick and Nolan were outraged until they saw me snickering.

Next... I was at work, when I received a phone call from CPS. The lady said they have had a few reports of Nolan coming to school dirty and smelly and that I'd have to come in to talk to them. Yeah right! I knew right off the bat that it was my old pal Suzan trying to pull a prank on me. See, I've gotten her SO MANY TIMES in the past (she's gullible that way) that she tries to get me back. Didn't work! I said "Really? And what school does my son attend?" Ha! She didn't have an answer, plus I know for a fact my kids are clean and smell just like fresh daisies every day of the year! :) Nice try Suzan!

Then...another call came in to work for me. This time it was a crazy customer who said his doctor wanted him to purchase some "Cow Butter" for his "Itchy groin". Um....yeah.... Hello Connor! I must admit, his accent was well done, but 16 years of marriage and you know your spouse's voice backwards and forwards. I have to admit that while I was laughing out loud into the phone receiver a little part of me was praying this wasn't an actual customer.

Connor also tricked Nick and Nolan by making a Russian Roulette dinner. On a few of the appetizers he made, he sprinkled Tabasco sauce for a "fun" surprise. Apparently, it made for a fun dining experience. And much milk was consumed-- mostly by Nick!

Then right before we climbed into bed, Connor opened his closet door. Inside he found a note from Nick saying "April Fool's DAD... I set your clock ahead one hour... hee hee hee" Of course, he meant for Connor to find this note the following morning after showering and getting ready for his work day. He was disappointed this morning when he found out his joke was thwarted.

He also put a bunch of hardback books in Nolan's pillowcase, hoping Nolan would clunk his head when it was time to go to bed. Nice huh? Nolan was not amused.

Ahhh... Fun times. It turns out we all need a little work at being more tricky. Which I guess is a good thing. :)

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