Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Break In a Nutshell

Another Spring Break has come and gone.

We were busy but in a "let's do whatever we feel like whenever we wanna" kind of way. There were no time lines and no schedules and that is how I like it!

Our week started off with some fun time spent with my niece, Jessica. At Christmas, we gave her (and her three siblings) certificates that entitled them to a day of fun spent with the four of us and a fun-filled sleep over. The only stipulation was they had to come one at a time. She was pretty stoked about leaving her young siblings behind to come hang out with us for some quality fun! Nick, Nolan, and Jessie spent most of the day outside in the sunshine riding bikes, rollerblading, and climbing trees. Oh, to be a kid again! Then we all piled in the car and headed to a great new restaurant in town called Mizu. The chef cooks at your table all the while dazzling you with superb culinary skills. He also randomly flung food through the air to all of us to see if we could catch it in our mouths. Very entertaining. You should've seen the amount of food on the floor behind the kids! They LOVED this place! Our day/night spent with Jessie was almost like a Christmas present for ourselves...she's a great kid and we loved spending one on one time with her!

We also spent a great deal of Spring Break sharpening our Baseball playing skills. Nick will be playing baseball on a league in a few weeks so we bought him a new glove and headed to the park. It was just Nick, Nolan, and myself digging up the diamond one sunny afternoon. We had a ball! OK maybe a ton of balls especially when mom was the pitcher. :) Luckily, my kids have a lot of patience and didn't mind that the incoming pitches were less than perfect. The fun on the ball field transferred to fun in the backyard when we played catch about a gazillion times over the week. I love playing catch with the boys... they just open up and say the greatest things. For example... Nolan was pondering who would win a baseball game- Superman or the Green Lantern? He went into great detail about who would win and why. I could've listened to him all day!

The rest of the week was spent sleeping in, watching movies, going to the library, having a picnic, making Easter baskets, painting bird houses, and having fun with cousins. It ended with a rainy Easter Sunday and a few family members feeling under the weather. But we spent the day munching on chocolate bunnies and playing a board game together, it was a nice day.

The boys are sad to see the vacation end and are less than thrilled to head back to school especially because it's testing week. Big all day aptitude tests given all week long. I don't blame them for not wanting to leave this laid back, no stress week behind. It's weeks like this one that remind me how happy my life makes me. I'm a lucky gal to have such a fun, healthy, and blessed family. We have fun together and I wish they could hang out with me more often during the week. Ahhh... Summer vacation isn't too far off, I'll have to remind them of that as they head out the door tomorrow morning.

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